Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dogs policing wolves

I just can't let this one go. Many other haunting dreams I have shouldered through the day, a moment reminds me of an emotion in the dream and I'm back in, but bit by bit those have dissipated. Last night's though -- I might be able to use it in a plot.

Dogs were like people, walking upright, talking (English, no less!), and interacting as equals with people. Now, as this dream went on, I was variable characters. So at the beginning, I was a hunting dog, which is like the police, looking for the wolves on this huge university campus to exterminate them. The wolves had not become like people. They "chose" to remain animals, and would kill anything they could, whether for food or not.

Sometimes, I was myself, and friends with the hunting dog. So the hunting dog must be my dog Shiloh. Whenever I walked into a room, all the clocks in that room would automatically adjust to another time. In the beginning, it was quite annoying, but other things began to take my attention. I can't remember them well right now. Seems I was captured by a wolf, but Shiloh saved me. Other times, I was the wolf, thinking "they can't do this to me" kind of thoughts. "I'll get them back."

There was a debate or movie being filmed on campus. Only instead of the actors needing to know their lines, they were going to take video of the parts of the lines the actors had said and piece them together to make their lines. The magic of Hollywood only one step farther.

As they were filming, I met a girl who'd fallen in love with a wolf. We were going to look for the wolf, but there was some kind of force field zipping across the path we needed to take. We started to run through, but I chickened out, or maybe I got zapped. It was like I got hit in the head. The other girl got farther in. But I just lay down on the ground and either pretended I was dead (as in acting) or I rested.

"Connie!" I heard a voice. "What are you doing here?" It was Donna, my old office mate. She pulled at me to get me up out of the ditch, and I offered her an arm (I was thinking it would take people lifting with both my arms and both my legs to get me out of here.) But somehow, Donna got me out, and we went to breakfast in the cafeteria.

Breakfast was some kind of sausage rice soup, very unappetizing. As we ate, Donna said, "I tell the students they need breakfast, go eat breakfast, but this stuff is crap. We'll have to get with the cafeteria staff and educate them on better nutrition."

Below me, at the foot of my stool (which seemed a mile high) was a guy who seemed taken with me. He kept circling my stool. He was in good shape, but I wasn't really interested. Then I thought of something. Here's this wolf-dog-world and yet Donna and Robin and Alex and the others we were eating with were acting like we were in our normal world.

"Robin," I said. "Can you see the guy below my stool?" She didn't know what I was talking about. I looked around and picked out a very distinctly Grayhound gentleman who was entering the cafeteria. "Can you see that guy coming in just now?" None of my friends could see him. Then I realized. I was in two dimensions at the same time. There was nothing to do for it, but just go along and see what happens.

Toward the end, I went into a library to do research. While I was at the front desk, asking the librarian if she could identify some curios I had with me, a lady behind me said, "It's 4:20."

"No, it's not," the librarian said. "It's 9:30. I just checked." Then she looked at the clock behind her and it said "4:20." All the other clocks said "4:20" as well. People started filing out of the other rooms because 4:30 was closing time. The librarian looked at me as if I had done that, and dumped all my curios in the trash. (She had originally said they were trash.)

As we left the library, an acquaintance carrying a huge mock up of the book I made from these adventures starting telling me he wouldn't buy my book. I didn't care. The book looked like a sword & sorcery type book -- the title even seemed like it -- but I was satisfied that it was actually more science fiction (the only "magic" being the dimensional doubling and the evolution of dogs to people-like status.)

There's more, but I'll let it come as it will.