Thursday, May 7, 2015

Knit or Crochet

Since the last time I've written in this blog, so many things have changed.  I've gotten years older!  I'm no longer fully human, as my husband says.  Got a hip replacement in 2012.  My mom died last year (2014.)  My sister taught me how to knit while we waited in Mom's hospital room, and now, I do  it because it not only keeps my hands busy and creates useful things, but also feels like I'm honoring my legacy.  My mom loved to knit.  She even had a knitting machine!

I also picked back up crocheting.  Now I haven't made anything more complicated than flat square things (or in the case of crocheting, flat round things.)  I can't follow patterns very well.  I have to look at something and figure it out myself.  And I'm really curious about how knitting and crocheting stitches differ.

You can see here that I'm starting two dishcloths.  I have to pick one to take with me and hide in my gown during CNM's graduation (for people with Master's Degrees, the gown has a handy deep, deep pocket in each sleeve, where you can carry a bottle of water and your yarn work.)

I'll add a picture when I'm done with them.