Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Dream

I, a young girl, found in a hotel I could fly and do all sorts of wonderful things, but mostly fly. I met a young man about my age who could do the same. At first we hid our truths from each other, but eventually we discovered them and we felt we were made for each other.

Our church group was going on a huge boat ride in a theme park. The boy and I found we could jump out of the boat and explore things at our luxury while the boat moved on. Usually, we'd catch up by flying back. But once, we lingered too long (the boy bought for me some bracelets and a bowl of chocolate) and we didn't know where the boat was. It was apparently on the other side of a small hill.

I couldn't carry everything and fly, so I gave the bracelets to the boy to carry while I had the bowl. The boy threw a bracelet into the air to help us fly higher -- we could "follow" the bracelet with our minds -- but the bracelet didn't even go as high as the ridge blocking the boat from our view. It would immediately fall back into the water. "We have to do something else," I said.

One of the denizens on the shore (strange looking creatures) suggested we ask Elmer. We said, "Who's Elmer?" Elmer was a skunk-looking mechanical creature who said to go down the stairs in the back of the Jack-in-the-Box store.

My friend the boy was carrying a blood-creature he had bought for himself -- it looked like a green mat that filled the shallow box and had six eyes on top.

We went down the stairs and found it to be a shortcut to where the boat was.

In a quiet moment, I asked the boy, "So tell me about yourself." He told me (without speaking -- I just knew) about the abuse he'd suffered as a boy, about the chaos of his family -- just like in mine. My heart grew really tender toward him and I hugged him. He was, I felt, my good friend.

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